Depending on investment business lines, investment conditions, scale of the projects, where investment project is located, other Vietnam State authorities would be involved.  MPI in Vietnam takes charge of developing legislation, guiding, consulting and coordinating with other State authority in regard to all investment in Vietnam.  Foreign investors apply for investment license at MPI which is acting as the contact point.  People’s Committee will be the government body that administer investment activities within its city or province and issue the investment license to the foreign investor.

In case the foreign investor setting-up  a business within
industrial zone, the management board of an industrial zone will have authority over the investment licensing process. For investment project which is larger than VND 300 billion (around USD 14.2 million) or in conditional investment area, MPI and other ministries will be involved in the evaluation process to recommend to the Prime Minister for approval.  Other ministries involved in investment project licensing would be Ministry of Trade and Commerce and Minsitry of Finance for setting up a trading company in Vietnam; Ministry of Science and Technology for investment in high-tech projects in Vietnam; Ministry of Education and Training for setting up education institute; Ministry of Health for investment in hospital in Vietnam, etc to ensure they are complying with the specific industry’s regulations.

Win Win Auditing Company Limited (“Win Win Audit”) established on May 7th, 2010 is one of the biggest auditing enterprises in Vietnam. Win Win was established by auditors with many years of experience in Vietnam in auditing, accounting and taxation advisory fields. The Win Win’s young human resources, who have potential, professional

and firm foundation of specialist knowledge, have been developing day by day. Not only does this advantageous basis give Win Win the ability to provide the service to meet the higher and higher demands in observance in Vietnam but it also helps us to satisfy the norm of big professional associations in the world.

We make “Win Win” to be the guideline to work for customers, partners and staffs. Thus, Win Win’s board of managers and staffs are always conscientious with customers and our jobs to give you the most professional and most reliable services.

Win Win has the office in Binh Duong province and Ho Chi Minh City with the professional staff quantity of 50 persons. We have supplied the best services for over 300 enterprises from many countries, many regions.

With all the mentioned abilities, Win Win confidently fulfills any customer needs from easy to difficult.

What you are concerned

Customers preparing to invest into Vietnam do not understand the processes and procedures to implement in accordance with the law.

Customers preparing to invest into Vietnam want to save time and

on the issue related to administrative, legal formalities.

Customers looking for a capable enterprise of consulting the overview of issues related to investment such as investment projects, business lines, areas of investment, investment incentives, tax issues, accounting issues, labor for salary.

Customers want to deploy the project as fast as possible in the specified time.

Our abilities

The board of managers and professional staffs with the total quantity of 50 persons, who were well-trained and have the firm foundation, have the ability to grasp the issue and quickly handle your needs. With the professional working style and strong skill in negotiation, Win Win proudly provides the best services to fulfill your needs.
By the activity of uniting with the business associations operating in Binh Duong, such as Korean Chamber of Commerce (KOCHAM) and Taiwanese Business Association, Win Win thoroughly knows the requirement of Taiwanese and Korean customers. Therefore, it’s getting easier and easier for us to support and connect with you.

Win Win Administrator system was established and run to make sure that your information is absolutely confidential.

The Consultants Roundtable brings together representatives from the major consulting firms with institutional investors and members to discuss investment management and asset allocation issues of common concern. The one and one-half day meeting examines cutting-edge topics from the

Vietnam investment consulting

Business activities in Vietnam are happening very exciting and have a positive change, contributing to the large number of foreign investors. Business investment in general and especially foreign investment in Vietnam is an activity that requires professional advice to obtain the highest investment efficiency.
Vietnamese law as well as investment policies must be continuously updated and updated by investors. And more importantly, the investor needs a professional investment consultant
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With the goal of building an organization-oriented legal advice professional development in Vietnam to protect and maximize the benefit to the customer is the domestic and foreign investment through the provision of services legal services, high quality solutions.

Attorney's Office is proud to lawyers, consultants have experience in participating in providing professional consulting services and advice relating to the success many investment projects in the country and the foreign Investment in Vietnam; dozens of large financial transactions, critical business dozens of countries, hundreds of intellectual property relations, Storage - gasoline and technology transfer, and hundreds of economic disputes lon1.doi lawyers, jurists, representatives of intellectual property, experts, collaborators highly qualified, excellent professional ability, experience, broad knowledge, skills consultant industry, particularly professional liability.

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